Renovation & Upfit Services

Jackson Builders offers a variety of services within the building and construction industry. We are experts in building whether it’s a church, warehouse, commercial buildings, and more. We also provide renovation and upfitting services for clients. Routinely we have clients reach out who have a need for a structural fix, an addition, or just an update/remodel. We efficiently work with these clients to ensure all goals are met.

Included on our site are examples of how a renovation project can transform a client’s property to enhance the appearance, marketability and function. Oak Square Shopping center located in Goldsboro required just that. We provided turnkey construction services, scheduling, demolition and coordinated with the clients all the exterior improvements to renovate this dated shopping center into a modern retail center with an attractive facelift. The use of new openings, EIFS, cultured stone and several different types of awnings coupled with a new fascia completely transformed this property, making the property attractive to new tenants and creating a positive for the surrounding area.

Occasionally, renovation and/or upfit is a better option for clients because not only is it generally a shorter project, but also it is generally less expensive. Jackson Builders understands that these projects are not only time consuming but also expensive, and we want to value your time and money, with a project that will meet all yours needs.

Repair and Re-roof

Not all projects are to build new or renovate and improve. Our experienced team is skilled and attentive to addressing immediate needs to repairs and maintenance to existing facilities. Anything from minor roof leaks to a complete re-roof projects. We can help assess and address water and other emergency needs as well. We have experience working with insurance companies to assist in the valuation and completion of repairs.

Here you can learn more about these projects and view photos.