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Welcome to our website. We are pleased you have visited and hope we can use this space to tell you about the Jackson Builders Difference. We are General Contractors, specializing in innovative building solutions. We have over 40 years experience in all types of construction including church buildings, agricultural, retail, industrial, warehousing, community, and commercial.

We believe the real difference in our company and other construction companies is in our business approach whether it be relations with our customers or our vendors. We understand value and we believe that is the key. Value has much more meaning than its normal association with money. We value our relationships, our reputation, our commitment to quality, our commitment to safety, our ethics, our place in the community, and our people. We believe those values equate to success and ultimately set the pace for fulfilling our business plan.

When you visit with us about a potential project, we will not respond with a scripted sales pitch. You may actually do most of the talking at our first meeting. We understand that we must listen to your ideas, after all this is going to be your building. We get to know you, we see what is important to you, and then and only then, we can begin to develop a relationship that will truly be in both our best interests. It truly is not about us, but it is about our ability to help you get the building you need.

What you will not get with us is hype. We are confident in our ability to serve our clients and building high quality construction projects with state of the art materials. What you see on our web site, in our office, or on our jobs hopefully will convey the level of commitment you can expect from our company to plan and build your project. We will not be so bold as to tell you what to think of us, you decide.

We like to tell people, “If we build this first one, we’ll build your next one”. That has played out many, many times over the last 30 years, and we understand what we have to do to keep it happening.

Contact Us, and let us get to know you. Whether your project is for a church building, retail, commercial, agricultural, fire department, warehouse, or some other building project, give Jackson Builders a try. The Jackson Builders difference will surprise you.

Our Projects

our-projectsJackson Builders constructs structures across a diverse clientele that ranges from Churches to Retail. The links below will take you to pages that show a small portion of our project portfolio. We always strive to have your best interest as our primary goal, looking for ways to save you money while giving you a better building. Jackson Builders is a firm you can trust.

Community (Schools, Fire Departments, Other)
Solar Panels

Planning Services

The Drafting and Engineering department at Jackson Builders, Inc. is a key element of our plan and build strategy. We recognized from the beginning that to be able to offer drafting services as part of our sales approach was a critical part of the proposal process.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we believe it could also be worth thousands of dollars!

As we begin the planning process, our clients are included in meetings directly with the staff in our office who will be putting together conceptual plans. These usually consist of simple floor plans and elevations, but sometimes can include full blown renderings utilizing unique AutoCad technology. These preliminary plans are available at no cost and prove to be great tools for clear understanding of the project scope.

When the contract issues are settled and we are ready to begin the project, our drafting department takes the lead in the coordination of working drawings for permit. We work regularly with the same two or three architectural firms and structural and mechanical engineers to produce the necessary drawings for building permits.

The key to this process is the one source responsibility it offers. Jackson Builders is hired by the client and from that point, we coordinate all the design to insure the scope of work matches the contract. The architects and engineers are working for us and we are working for our clients. We believe this narrows the gap sometimes associated with architectural interpretation and insures the client gets what they pay for and not what someone else thinks they ought to have.


In 1962, Mr. Vernon Hill of Hill Cotton Company realized he needed to diversify due to the dwindling cotton market. Hill Construction was born out of that need and Mr. Hill set out building metal buildings for American Buildings Co. Curtis Jackson and Lee Pinno had worked with Mr. Hill in the cotton business and moved over into the building business with Mr. Hill.

Hill Construction ultimately signed a dealer agreement with Pascoe Building Systems. This was in the early days of the metal building boom and Hill Construction Co. was a major player building everything from tobacco warehouses to car dealerships. The business flourished and was poised for the upcoming metal building revolution when Mr. Hill was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 1973.

Curtis Jackson and Lee Pinno found themselves in a precarious position. There was no succession plan in place and the company’s future was in jeopardy. Curtis and Lee were able to complete the work that Hill had under contract and at the same time, plan the start-up of what would become Jackson Builders, Inc. Curtis hired Marc Hull as business manager and Jeanette Beasley who had worked at Hill Construction along with most all of the Hill Construction crew. Jackson Builders was incorporated in 1974 and the rest as they say, is history.

Jackson Builders’ name soon became synonymous with metal buildings throughout Eastern North Carolina. Jackson was year after year the national sales volume leader for Pascoe Building Systems. The company was known for its erection capabilities and quick turnaround time on basic shade and shelter buildings.

historyAs metal buildings became more and more popular, and more diverse, the company moved towards more turn-key type projects. In the early 80’s, the company experienced substantial growth and there was an awareness that they had to do more. The economy was on fire and lots of building opportunity was at hand. A conscious decision was made to move the company toward fewer, larger, and more complex jobs.

About that same time, Pascoe Building Systems was experiencing major problems, and Jackson Builders realized they had to make a move. In 1983, the company signed a builder agreement with Butler Manufacturing Co., the premier metal building company in the world. The marriage was a perfect fit. The Butler product line was exactly the kind of boost the company needed to move to the next level, and move they did. Jackson Builders achieved “Career Builder” status within the first year and a half as a Butler Builder. For over 20 years they have contested for the annual sales volume award from Butler, winning the award six times. The company has been recognized for achievement in every category Butler offers. They were most recently recognized for sales volume totaling $40 million since becoming builders in 1983. No Butler Builder has ever reached that level of sales achievement in only 22 years!

As we grew, so did a great number of relationships. Our business is what it is today because of the strong foundation with past clients, long lasting relationships with design professionals, subcontractors and suppliers. A consistent subcontract pool continues to support our efforts. Using high quality, responsive subcontractors, Jackson Builders forms teams on each project to provide the customer with quality and value.

Churches, businesses and community organizations chose and continue to choose Jackson Builders not because they were sold a construction project, but because they bought what we had to offer. A commitment to safety, clients, integrity, core business values and maintaining the highest ethical standards serves us and our clients well. We invite you to become part of our history while working with us to build your next project.

Butler Manufacturing


butlerJackson Builders is a Butler Builder, which is the most recognized brand in the systems construction industry (commonly referred to as “pre-engineered”). “Systems construction” simply means that all structural parts are engineered and fabricated in the factory as opposed to requiring field modifications. But there is no limit to the size and design flexibility. Through our Butler systems manufacturing processes, we are able to customize every aspect of your construction, and do so in a way that optimizes costs and efficiency. It’s the precision engineering and factory-punched structurals that ensures the speed, accuracy and efficiency of construction.

Butler offers it’s builders the latest in engineering, manufacturing and construction technologies. As a Butler builder, we are able to offer Autodesk’s® BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology—an intelligent 3D model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact.

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